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Sora Meets His Summons by ElvesAteMyRamen Sora Meets His Summons :iconelvesatemyramen:ElvesAteMyRamen 2,283 390 Inject by Nadiezda Inject :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 1,936 140
SmileDog x Wolf!Reader: With a Whimper {One-Shot}
                                                                                       *BANG* *BANG*
                                                                                          ~Your POV~
    You yelped as bullets grazed your body as you ran. '$^%& poachers.' You thought sourly. (A/N Ah. If only this was a 2P!Canada x Reader insert.) You howled as you ran faster across the grass field. 'I
:iconthe-mistic-soldier:The-Mistic-Soldier 273 107
NANA by Athena-chan NANA :iconathena-chan:Athena-chan 6,170 567 Exploring REM 495 .Ipsen's Library. by LordFrankeh Exploring REM 495 .Ipsen's Library. :iconlordfrankeh:LordFrankeh 35 19
Sephiroth X Reader : Illusion of Strength - CH 16
    Despite the late hours he’d put in last night, Sephiroth had arrived early this morning.  He wanted to be sure he was here before Genesis.  Knowing his friend, after the last few days of no demands, an early morning was the least of his priorities.  So it didn’t come as a surprise when half the morning passed without any sign of the man.  Just the unending parade of Shinra’s underlings.
    The later the hour became, the more annoyed Sephiroth grew.  He had better things to do than stand around.  And definitely not in the crowded Shinra lobby.  Finding a discreet corner concealed him from the majority of the visitors, but he still garnered far more unwanted attention than he liked.  Thankfully, a few withering scowls turned away anyone who might have thought to approach him.
    The clock over the reception desk read quarter to eleven.  By the time Genesis arrived, everyone would be leaving
:iconvernichtenalles:VernichtenAlles 16 12
Mature content
High School DXD: A Demonic Milking :iconed3765:ED3765 83 12
i-p01 by shichigoro756 i-p01 :iconshichigoro756:shichigoro756 707 58
Jack Frost x Reader x Pitch 'You're mine' pt 15,5
Jack could only stand by and watch, while the mysterious stranger led you towards the middle of the dance-floor. Man, was he tired of you always getting stolen from him. Tired of all the attention the other males gave to you. But could he really blame them? You were amazing! You were funny, independent, social, strong, had a heart of gold, and to top it off, you were drop dead gorgeous. Jack realized that he didn’t have the right to be jealous, he too could have taken your hand and asked for a dance -  but he didn’t.  So here he stood, moping. -.-
You felt butterflies in your stomach as the stranger led you through the crowd. There had been a little voice in your head saying that this guy was bad news, and that you should stay away from him. But the mysteriousness won. He was way to interesting with his mask and his darkness. So the light followed the darkness. The orchestra started playing a quiet waltz, the time you rea
:iconamanda-kn:Amanda-kn 22 10
Death Battle: Vash vs. Vincent REMASTERED

Ray: Gun-slinging warriors have been popularized all across the media, but these two legends stand out above so many others.
Steel: Vash the Stampede, the Humanoid Typhoon…
Ray: And Vincent Valentine, the mako-infused ex-Turk…
Steel: He's Ray and I'm Steel...
Ray: And it's our job to analyze the weapons, armor, an skills of these two gunslingers to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE.

Age: mid-20's (physically), 150 (chronologically)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 145lbs
Home: Planet Gunsmoke
Evaded gunfire from large squads
Attained a 60 billion double-dollar bounty for his head
Saved Gunsmoke from destruction almost single-handed
Defused an overloading energy plant
Fought and defeated some of the best gunslingers on the planet
Defeated his own brother who has many of his own abilities
Lived for over a century, even with people after
:icondimension-dino:Dimension-Dino 36 29
Arrivederci, love Discord. by CountANDRA Arrivederci, love Discord. :iconcountandra:CountANDRA 1,032 158
BlackDawn Finale
Pitch's lair was rumbling in actions. Fearlings and more traced around the edges. The sun was going down. It was the night of All Hallows Eve. Soon, everything inside would break out. If they didn't capture the children who were out alone, they'd get them in their sleep. The cages above were broken, most used as lanterns that Pitch said fit to be there.
Below, in the midst of a small hill in the lair, was Pitch's throne. The stairway leading up was covered in shadows, all ready to strike at command. Of course, Pitch was in the throne. He sat with one leg crossed over the one. He was more than pleased with how it all ended, and how his reign would begin. His hands were relaxed on the rests of the throne. His right hand sat on golden hair. Pitch was too fond of having her by his side. With his fingers tracing her scalp, Estelle looked forward.
"Yes, my Lord?" Estelle asked as she raised her head. The position of her on her knees didn't change. The acceptance of being Pitch's new pet was
:iconestelle-dawn:Estelle-Dawn 3 5
Behind Doors {Jeff The Killer x Reader} 14
As much as you’d love to say that you ran away from the room, out into the ( presumably ) dark halls and called for help, what’s with all of the students right next to your room – because there’s no possible way that if you got out and had an army of people protecting you, that Jeff’d kill everyone in sight just to get to you, it just wasn’t possible, right? – And finally managed to escape the clutches he had on you, on everyone surrounding you, it just wasn’t true.
Okay, it’s true that this is a perfect chance that must’ve been coming from a long time now, because he’s drunk on his butt and not even paying attention to you in the slightest, and it means that there’s a certain chance of escape. Of freedom, so slim but small and perfect that you could almost taste it.
But in reality, all that held you back were yourself. Your thoughts, the bitter and cruel possibilities of what might happen if you tried to escape. Y
:iconprincesssakura1221:PrincessSakura1221 49 21
Jeff The Killer X Blind!Reader - Chapter 33 END
       “Lemme see.” Jeff asked, pushing the sleeve up on my jacket. I grimaced as he pried at the clothing, exposing my skin to the open air. His fingertips immediately ran over the uncovered arm, tracing some line I couldn’t see. “There’s so many…” He mumbled.
       “Oh really?” I asked, letting sarcasm drip from my words.
       “Yeah…” He replied distractedly. “You’re beautiful.” He mumbled, still mostly distracted by whatever he was looking at. I stiffened at his words, my first reaction was to not believe him…. but, his mind was so open…
       The tree branch we were sitting on swayed slightly as a stronger breeze flowed past. A chill ran through the air, signaling the approach of night. I turned my head to Jeff’s location at my right, trying to determine his features. He could see me, but I co
:iconlil-magpie:Lil-Magpie 195 215
How to Make a Horror
Horror: the other white meat. Everyone's watched, read, or played one at some point. Maybe you're just feeling tired of seeing cute fluffy things on TV every goddamn day. It's getting increasingly difficult to find good quality freak-outs in an increasingly sheltered and child-proofed world. Need a break from your daily bombardment of family values and God-fearing overtones? Well, never fear. Here are some quick tips to guide you into becoming the Stephenie Meyer Stephen King.
1. The Kids Every horror has to have children. Because children are usually creepier and far more hellish than your typical ghosts if given the chance. Especially little girls. Also, only dark-haired little girls are creepy. Blonds and red-heads can't be creepy. That's just silly. Everyone knows they're too dumb to be conniving or homicidal.
Or ghosts.
And the longer the girl's hair is, the creepier she is. For extra horror goodness, make sure her hair's length surpasses her actual <i>
:iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 657 287
pitch by Wavesheep pitch :iconwavesheep:Wavesheep 430 13




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